Vivek Raj,Founder & CEO At VRaj Classes,Is A Name Among Millions Of Students Who Is Just Studying, Studying And Studying Only And Still Fail To Succeed Or Get What They Really Want.He Is A Self Trained Motivational Speaker,Career Counsellor,Mentor And Teacher....His Domain Of Motivational Speaking Is Students i.e He Talks About The Problems Students Face And The Way To Overcome It,How To Decide Career,How To Think Outside The Box,How To Get The Power To Face Criticisms According To His Own Practical Experience.There Exist Two Way Of Learning First Is Learning From Someone Else’s Mistake And Second Is Committing Mistakes And Then Learning From It.He Chosen The Second Way And Committed Several Mistakes In His Life And Learned From It.There Was A Time When He Was Also Pursuing The Formal Education As Most Of The Student Pursue.He Had A Great Eagerness To Explore More & More Things In His Life But Whenever He Used To Try To Do Something Different From His Academics His School And Parents Start Saying Vivek This Is Not Of Your Academics Then Why Are You Studying You Should Not Learn Anything Apart From Your Syllabus,Whenever He Used To Ask Doubts About Something Out Of Syllabus Teacher Used To Say Vivek This Not In Your Syllabus So We Can’t Tell You Right Now,Once You”ll Go To Higher Class You Will Know About It.You Don’t Need It Right Now So Leave It!!


To make every youth of India physically, psychologically and financially successful before being 21 years old.


To make the most creative, productive and innovative education system and to solve every problem of students'life.