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Unique Institution

VRaj Classes Is Premier Education Institute.It Provides Self Employment Oriented Training And Courses To Aspiring Students

Smart classrom

We Have Our Classroom Equipped With The Modern Technologies Which Are Widely Used In Education.We Also Use Apple’s iPad(The Most Effective Technology Used In Education)In Teaching And Students Can Also Use It In Their Learnings.

We Provide The Course According To Student Need Not According To Our Need!!!

We Have Different Courses For Different Students According To Their Need.You Decide What’s Your Need & Call Our Counsellor For FREE And Find Out The Best Possible Courses For You!!!

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30 st January,2019

FREE Seminar By Vivek Raj
Founder & CEO At VRaj Eduserv

On How To Discover Your True Potential,How To Decide Your Career & How To Make Your Own Pathway To Your Success!!!

Our Team

Person Name Vivek Raj Founder & CEO
Vivek Raj Founder & CEO

We Welcome You To VRaj Classes-A Place Where You Will Be Pushed To Unlimited.Here You Will Learn Beyond Books,Beyond Formal Education System And Finally You Will Be Taught To Lead Not To Follow!!! So,Come,Join And Be A LEADER!!!

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Person Name Prof. Dr. Mithlesh Kr Singh Chief Finance Officer
Prof. Dr. Mithlesh Kr Singh Chief Finance Officer

Welcome To VRaj Classes-A Place Where We Convert Your Imagination Into Reality.Let’s Together Create A Better World By Doing Something Unique And Bigger In Life!!! #Think Different & #Be Different !!!

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Person Name Sangam Kumari Accountant cum Receptionist
Sangam Kumari Accountant cum Receptionist

Welcome To VRaj Classes-A Smart & Faster Way To Success.In This Rush Of Chasing Success,We Will Let Success Chase You!!! So,Come,Join,And Let Success Run After Your Rather Than Running After Success!!!

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